If the weather forecast is anything to go by you’ll need a boat and a snow plough for the weekend ahead.

The result will give social media a field day with plenty more puddle watching expected over the next few days…

And we might even get enough crisp, dry snow to build a snowman, though more likely we’ll just be treated to a coating of sludge – nature’s poor imitation of a Slush Puppy.

Up to two feet of snow is expected in some areas of the UK with temperatures set to plummet to as low as -10C as showers turn to snow in northerly parts by Friday.

Frost and bitter winds are expected across the whole country with sub-zero overnight temperatures meaning potential danger from already wet roads freezing as well as snow falling on flooded ground.

Heavy rain remains a problem with the Met Office issuing severe weather warnings for Scotland and Northern Ireland from Thursday onwards with more than three inches expected to fall.

It would seem tinned food, strong alcohol and a good box set are the order of the day as we prepare to go into lockdown this weekend.


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