When the sun is shining all your troubles seem to fade away. Unless one of your troubles is heliophobia.

Anyway, here are 5 of the best places to soak up the rays in Belfast.

1. City Hall


Might as well start with the most obvious. Lunchtime at City Hall on a sunny day is a sight to behold as the city’s workforce sprawl on the majestic lawns and contemplate the consequences of taking the rest of the day off.

2. Botanic Gardens


New York has Central Park, London has Hyde Park and we’ve got Botanic. As with nearly all public parks drinking and playing ball games on the grass is prohibited although on particularly sunny days the rules are often flouted in this park favoured by student types. However, everything comes to a standstill at the sound of the ice cream man arriving in his van.

3. Titanic Quarter


This vast expanse of shipyard land has in recent years become commercialised but there’s still huge swathes of open spaces to explore including the site where the Titanic was built, which is free to traverse without paying into the Titanic museum. Those who like to explore at a pace faster than pedestrian can hop on a Segway or Belfast Bike.

4. Belfast Zoo


The perfect location for everything from first dates to family days out, Belfast Zoo is the ultimate sunny day destination. Located half-way up a mountain it’s best explored at walking pace when the sun’s high in the sky. The only downside is you’re not allowed to in the swimming pool along with the penguins.

5. Beer Gardens


Alcohol always tastes better when it’s sunny, while the sunshine always seems brighter when you’re drinking. It’s a win-win situation. Check out our list of Belfast’s best beer gardens for our tips on the best licensed sun traps in the city.


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