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We’re especially keen to hear from anyone who’s clued up on film, music, popular culture and food and drink, or has the local insight on what’s happening in across our vibrant city.

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If you have an insatiable appetite for music, film, fashion, food & drink or any niche area of popular culture, combined with an ability to craft compelling, accurate and convincing copy about your area of interest, you can become part of BELFASTVIBE’S growing team of specialist writers. To find out more, email with your chosen area of interest, two or three examples of your writing, and the subject specialist writer.

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If you’re involved in a great event, project or venue and would like us to help spread the word, why not write a guest blog about it for BELFASTVIBE? We’re looking for the insider’s view on anything from music festivals to craft beer brewers and vintage markets. Think you could write about what you’re passionate about? Get in touch. Email with the subject guest contributor, a quick note about your role and we’ll fill you in on the rest.