X-Factor star Joe McElderry will bring his Evolution Tour to Belfast this weekend.

The singer, best known for hits such as The Climb and Someone Wake Me Up, will play Belfast’s Grand Opera House on Sunday March 15 and Londonderry’s Millennium Forum on Monday March 16.

Five years ago Joe stole the hearts of the nation when he, nurtured by Cheryl Cole, after he turned into an overnight sensation on the show.

Eventually winning the show Joe shot to the top of the charts with a cover of Miley Cyrus’ song The Climb.

As he prepares to head for Northern Ireland Joe says this show is set to bring the audience a taste of his new material as well as the X-Factor and solo career classics.

He said: “For this show I have tried to switch in and out new material because I don’t want to do the whole show with new material because I realise that people want to hear certain songs.

“There are a few that are going in and out of the show but we have a new one at the moment called Hollywood and it’s a song I co-wrote which is a bit of a party anthem it has a rocky vibe to it so you can get your air guitar and that seems to get a good reaction off the audience – that’s probably my favourite at the moment.

“I hope to show people how my voice and style have evolved since I won X Factor and demonstrate more versatility. I love experimenting and I hope people will be surprised.

“But the thing I love most of all is the feeling of warmth I get from the audience when I’m on stage. I don’t feel like it’s an audience at all – it’s like singing before my family.”

And although he’s carved a bright new career for himself post X-Factor Joe said he still sees Cheryl and the gang.

“I speak to Cheryl now and again, you always end up bumping into people at certain events or concerts, gigs or award shows, but I mean I don’t phone them every day.”

Before heading home Joe is also hoping to get the chance to spend some time in Belfast.

He said: “I have been to belfast quite a lot actually and the few times I have been here I’ve had a few days off, I don’t normally get a lot of time to see places but I’ve been here a few times and I love it.

“I love the shopping centre here too I’ve got quite a few outfits from there so I might go shopping if I get the time.

“Although everyone has been saying that I should check out the Titanic museum when I’m there so maybe I will have to check that out.”

Joe McElderry will play Belfast’s Grand Opera House on Sunday March 15 and Londonderry’s Millennium Forum on Monday March 16.

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