Gina Rodriguez won a Golden Globe this year for her titular role in comedy Jane The Virgin, but is still relatively unknown in the UK.

With the highly sensational series starting on E4, that all looks set to change.

The 30-year-old Chicago-born actress tells Keeley Bolger about challenging expectations, dream roles and dramatic plotlines.

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez

Q. What happens in the show?
Gina explained: “You’re going to meet this girl, Jane, who’s saving herself for marriage and gets artificially inseminated by a wacky, awesome doctor.
“Jane has this amazing fiance, everything is going as planned and then it all gets thrown out of whack. You know that awesome saying, ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans’? She told him her plans and they did not go that way.
“You’ll go on this rollercoaster of emotions, of heightened drama, heightened comedy and then you have this grounded awesome family story. Anyone who feels like they’ve never seen themselves on screen, I promise you, you will feel represented as a hero, as a bad ass, independent, fierce woman. And you’re going to laugh your socks off.”

Q. How did it feel to get the role?
“Jane has been like the role I’ve dreamt of since I was a kid. If I had a girl [on TV] like Jane when I was 15, I would have been like, ‘Yes, I’m everything!’. She’s super-empowering” said Gina.

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez

Q. Why is the series so dramatic?
Gina said: “The storylines are constantly interwoven and you’re going to get constant gratification. There’s lots going on and there’s quick catharsis. There are problems and there are solutions right away, so you don’t have to wait so long. It’s no different from any other TV show.
“Scandal [a political thriller TV series] is drama. I love it because this person is with this person, and this person is sleeping with that person, and that person is trying to kill that person and Jane is exactly the same.
” It just happens to have this spin of being a telenovela, so it’s very, very funny, there’s heightened reality and sometimes fantasy where you go into Jane’s mind.”

Q. Is there anything that couldn’t happen to Jane?
“No, anything could happen to Jane” said Gina, adding: “Anything except her losing her virginity, you’re not going to get that. She’s going to wait ’til marriage. But outside of that, anything could happen.”

Jane The Virgin starts on E4 on Wednesday, April 22

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