Pan Narrans have teamed up with the Accidental Theatre to create a night based on our favourite aspect of Halloween – ghost stories!

With old classics, new writing, stories, performances, and poetry by local creatives, this is one spooky night not to be missed.

“At their essence ghost stories provide the listener with a kind of pleasing terror.”

This is the inspiration behind the latest production about to hit Belfast.

Actor and co-founder of Pan Narrans theatre company, Michael Patrick explained: “Pan Narrans was built around the premise of Storytelling. Our name means “The Storytelling Ape” and our shows so far have all dealt with the storytelling aspect of theatre. With that in mind, how could we let Halloween pass without creating a show around that age old tradition that is the Ghost Story!?”

“On October 29 we will be hosting a night of Ghostly Tales at Accidental Theatre.”

“No Americanised holiday here! No pumpkins, or sweets, or superhero costumes. Just the spine-chilling unease of a well told story.”


“Myself and Oisín (who runs the company with me), went to Accidental Theatre’s “Scratch Nights” about a month ago. They were nights of new writing, people trying out bits and pieces they were working on, and we absolutely loved it. It’s a great wee set up they have there, and the multiple performances a night gave you a chance to see things you normally wouldn’t.”

“Unfortunately they’re not able to do them overly regularly, as there’s a lot of organisation involved, and you need time for people to actually write things! So we thought ‘why don’t we do a semi-scratch night and theme it around Halloween and ghost stories,’ which fits perfectly into our passion as a theatre company.”

“We’re delighted to have some new writing as part of this night, but we’ve also filled it out with some of our favourite ghost stories from literature. Stories from Conor McPherson’s ‘Weir’ and Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ being just two examples.”

Indeed, one of the highlights is sure to be our favourite creepy tale, Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ – as told by the talented Michael Patrick himself.

We asked Michael how he felt tackling such a renowned piece of literature…

the raven tumblr

“Well, I’m a big Simpsons fan, and it makes an appearance in one of the earlier treehouse of horror episodes, ever since then I’ve absolutely loved the poem.”

“I listen to a lot of different recordings of it, and many are excellent – but I feel that most don’t really get across the comedy and light-heartedness in the piece.”

“Obviously it’s very upsetting, showing a man trying to deal with the loss of his wife, but it includes lines such as “Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling” – the narrator is amused by this bird. We should see and hear him laughing and carrying on, but most recordings you hear are very intense and monotone. I think without the levity you never truly see the darkness, that’s why I wanted to perform it.”

We can’t wait to see this truly up-and-coming local actor in action once again, amongst a thoroughly talented line-up all taking on some scary tales…

Check out the full line-up below, with even more acts yet to be confirmed. Tickets can be bought at Check out Pan Narrans Facebook page here.

Thursday October 29

4th Floor 2-4, Wellington Buildings, Wellington St – 7.45pm (doors 7pm), £5 online, £6 on the door
Bar on site

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven retold by Michael Patrick “an experienced actor and a natural story teller” – Belfast Times
Excerpts from Conor McPherson’s The Weir performed by Patrick McBrearty and Catherine Rees “an exceptional level of acting talent” –
The Poetry and stories of award winning local writer Phyllis McKenna
Spooky Stand-Up from NI Comedian Luke McGibbon “Excellent” – Gigging NI
Jonathan Bailie’s Butterflies “Bailie has created a cautionary tale for our times, which could find resonance in just about any large town or city” – Culture NI
The Scampi Chips and Tartar Sauce Experience Lunch Time Halloween Special with Garry Crossan and Chris Grant
A brand new performance piece by local artist Gavin Turtle.
More acts TBC

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