New research has revealed that the average person in the UK spends 8.8 years in a lifetime in front of the telly. Two thirds of those surveyed said TV is their favourite topic of conversation, but the problem is it’s a topic that can no longer be freely discussed.

Due to the advent of catch-up TV services fewer people are watching shows lives any more, meaning that when someone in the office is about to discuss a burning issue from last night’s Game Of Thrones they’re immediately gagged because the person sitting opposite them hasn’t seen it yet.

The survey by Freeview showed that 89% of those questioned said they use catch-up services and then have to avoid any chatter associated with ‘live’ shows until they’ve caught up. Sometimes sticking your fingers in your ears is enough, other times nothing less than the threat of violence will stop spoilers being divulged.


On average most TV viewers are juggling five current series leading to a viewing schedule that is rarely adhered to. More then half (58%) claim that lack of time and too much work are the main reasons why we miss our much-loved programmes.

Should we be that desperate to have a ‘second wave’ reaction to a particularly amazing cake on GBBO, Freeview has launched a ‘Catch Up Hotline’ for those missing out on the fun of talking about ‘watercooler’ moments first time round.

The Catch Up Hotline was launched to coincide with some seriously big TV moments, including the death of Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders, the finale of Marcella, the new season of Peaky Blinders and the gripping Undercover.

It would be brilliant if the first call they received was from a football fan who’s only just learnt Leicester City have won the league.




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