It’s getting to the stage where you might as well cancel you TV licence during the summer given that everything gets puts on hold for people who are on holidays.

Anyone crazy enough to leave the country in autumn will have a lot of quality TV to catch up on when they get home.

Here’s our top 10 shows that are on the box right now…

1. Fargo

Channel 4

The film of Fargo was a hard act to follow, but the first season of the TV adaptation did a superb job. The new season which started last week looks to be carrying on in the same vein.

2. Homeland

Channel 4 / RTE2

After a below par third season, Homeland redeemed itself with a gripping season 4. The current plot looks to be equally well poised. And for those who can pick up RTE2 you can watch it a week in advance.

3. South Park

Comedy Central

Now at series 19, South Park is as fresh as ever. To start the series they’ve adopted a story telling format where one episode has a bearing on the next, rather than the age-old reset format as employed by most cartoons. Political correctness has taken over South Park which gives them licence to be even more politically incorrect.

4. The Returned

Channel 4

One of those shows that it’s great to get lost in, which is easy because it’s in French with subtitles and has a very complex storyline involving dead people coming back to life.

5. Modern Family

Sky 1

One of the best shows on TV in recent years, the new season didn’t get off to the most dynamic of starts with too much focus on Haley and Andy’s romance. We expect they’ll soon get things back on track getting more of the less-loved up characters involved in the coming weeks.

6. The Apprentice


Another show that suffered a recent wobble, but they look to have steadied the ship. The format hasn’t changed much but the participants seem to be invigorated with the addition of Claude Littner. It also helps that most of the contenders are behaving like muppets.

7. The Big Bang Theory


The 17th episode of the current season will be the 200th episode of the series. Victory to the geeks.

8. Bob’s Burgers

Channel 4

There’s nearly as many adult cartoons on the TV these days as there is children’s ones. Bob’s Burgers stands out from the crowd for its keenly observed, but not overly sensationalised view of a family life.

9. Drifters

Channel 4

It’s been described as Men Behaving Badly. Thankfully neither Neil Morrisey or Martin Clunes are anywhere near this programme. A great portrayal of ladettes while at the same time challenging stereotypes.

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