In the summer Netflix premiered their new show Narcos which showcases the life of the legendary drug lord, Pablo Escobar. The series was a major success and Netflix renewed Narcos for another season, only a week after it was released because of the brilliant response.

As Netflix renews Narcos we give you the lowdown on it alongside 4 other Netflix originals…

1. Narcos


Narcos is a gripping crime drama, revolving around Mr Escobar and a DEA agent called Ryan Murphy. We see his rise from trafficker to drug overlord, as Pablo uses Cocaine to fund his rise to power. Kind of inspiring…. His power becomes that strong that he was making too much money to launder, so he spent it like crazy and even hid it like crazy…millions of dollars hidden in fields and even his mothers sofa.Also the character of Pablo is brilliant as he is smart,cunning,ruthless and hellbent on silencing anyone who gets in his way. Makes Alan Sugar look like a pussy. After a few episodes you will be glued and saying ‘Gringo’ to everybody in no time. I loved it that much I dressed up as Pablo for Halloween, complete with bags of sugar in my laptop bag as my ‘product’.

2. Daredevil


Thank Stan Lee that Netflix and Marvel came together to produce Daredevil. Ben Affleck’s performance as Daredevil was the performance of someone who had read too much of the Nicholas Cage book of acting. Thankfully Netflix’s version makes Daredevil an awesome superhero like it was in the comics. The plot revolves around Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who was blinded as a child in an accident which left him with superhuman senses. Murdock decides to put the law in his own hands and fight crime as a masked hero. Great, dark tone to the series and worth a watch. Hopefully it paves the way for more superhero series, and hopefully Bananaman is next for a revamp.

3. Orange Is The New Black


Hit Netflix last year, with great success becoming it’s most popular original series. The series follows Piper who is sentenced to a woman’s prison and we meet many interesting characters including an admirer/stalker called ‘Crazy Eyes’ and a perverted security guard with a 70’s pornstar moustache named Mendez. (Not that I would watch 70’s porn).  It’s a very interesting story and fantastic to see how Piper’s character changes in the prison, as she quickly learns where she stands in the pecking order. The show has so many characters to meet and each one has an interesting background. Also in season 2 we meet Ruby Rose, who is now a regular feature in #wcw (Woman Crush Wednesday) on Twitter, knocking Mary Berry off her perch.

4. Bojack Horseman


A cartoon comedy series about a former acting star who is now a washed up alcoholic, living off his past glories and partying away his sorrows. Did I mention he’s a horse called Bojack? The series revolves around Bojack and his roomate Todd as we follow their antics. It’s a very strange comedy as most of it is based on Bojack’s depression at his nosedive from fame and his problems with drink and relationships. Reminds me of Brian Griffin from family guy only he’s a horse with a human body.

5. House Of Cards


Massively popular, it’s on my to-do list. Kevin Spacey stars, and he’s pretty much brilliant in everything.  My Dad has been pestering me to watch it, and I hear that you can enjoy it without having an interest in politics, like myself. The show has a brilliant combination of corruption, murder, sex and the lengths people will go to for own self gain. Kevin Spacey is ruthless as Francis Underwood.  I’d like to see a remake of House of Cards based on our own government, set in Stormont and showing exactly what drugs they were taking when they commissioned the Balls On The Falls. All joking aside, this show has a massive fanbase and is one of Netflix’s major assets.


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