New Game of Thrones is coming on April 25. After the amazing ending to season 5 it only made us want more. Here’s a few things we saw in the latest trailer.

1. Jon Snow more

As soon as season 5 ended with everyone’s favourite nightswatchman being tragically stabbed by his own men, everyone was coming up with theories of how Jon Snow will rise from the dead, because he can’t die! Well sadly it looks like he is definitely dead with HBO showing off his handsome corpse numerous times throughout the trailers. Even the ginger wildling warrior says that he is dead and he’s a pretty serious guy.

Jon Snow - is he or isn't he

2. Arya

Last season we saw how Arya Stark joined the many faced God party led by Jaqen H’ghar and her intense training. Like a twisted karate kid training montage we saw how she was learning to clean bodies to a high standard that would please the many faced God. Season 6 will show us more of her training by the looks of it, and it looks like she will be doing more combat training, not just washing corpses. And she also appears blind, another step to embracing the many faced God.


3. Sansa

At the end of season 5, Sansa and Reek/Theon jumped down a wall to escape Winterfell and the evil Ramsay Bolton. It looks like she has escaped and landed without breaking a bone. And she looks like a badass from a few shots probably because of all the pain and hurt she has suffered with losing her family… so is she finally going to step up and seek vengeance? We sure hope so!


4. White Walkers + Brann

When the White Walkers and their army of the dead attacked North of the wall it was an amazing moment, you could see the fear in the wildlings/ watchmen’s eyes. We were hoping Jon Snow would lead the fight after his intense staring contest with the Night’s King. But after his death, you wonder who is going to step up and face the threat. Interestingly, season 6 has the return of Brann Stark who is seen in a shot released by HBO looking at the Night’s King in what has to be a vision as he was standing up, which can’t be real as he is paralysed… could this mean he will avenge his brother in the future?  If not… it’s up to you Sam!


5. Incest time

For all you romantics out there, don’t worry if you get bored of all the action/fighting scenes because the trailer gives us a tease at an intimate moment between two people that love each other. Sounds lovely but really it’s the yuck sibling love between Jamie and Cersei Lannister, and if you’re into that well… something’s wrong.


6. Khaleesi captured?

In the trailer we can see Khaleesi restrained on her knees like she has been captured, which won’t please Jorah, who will no doubt be on the hunt to find her. Or will her dragons rescue their mother?


7. Tyrion

Saying an awesome quote with a glass of wine in hand – classic banter from Tyrion Lannister. At the end of the trailer we see Tyrion alone with one of the dragons in captivity. Our guess? He gets hammered on wine and takes it for a joyride around Westeros.


Here’s the new trailer for you to draw your own conclusions…

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