Kris Marsden

Kris Marsden

A songwriter has made tribute to his showbiz dad by releasing an emotional song in his memory.

Kris Marsden’s father Derek, 67, died almost 16 years ago but prior to his death he was well known on the entertainment circuit.

Having had a glittering career playing prestigious venues such as Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London to touring the UK and Ireland Derek was a multi-instrumentalist who even toured with the legendary James Young and became a household name on Downtown Radio.

Now while pursuing his own singer/songwriter career son Kris says he felt it was important to honour his dad for giving him his interest in the music business.

Ten years after Derek died Kris sat down to pen a song for him, not thinking he would ever record it.

Derek Marsden

Derek Marsden

But Dear Dad from Kris’ forthcoming album My #9 is out now.

He said: “I originally wrote and recorded a rough demo, in a hotel room in Dublin, on his tenth anniversary.

“I decided to release this particular song as a dedication. The song is quite raw and emotional, almost understated, which is how I intended the recording to sound.

“I suppose the main sentiment communicates the emotions you might experience when you lose someone who is close.”

For Kris, Derek left behind a legacy of musicianship and “lust for life” which he hopes to be able to carry forward in his own work.

The song has been described by critics as a “folksy waltz, delivered with an alternative country feel” which Kris says is “an ode” to his late father.

Dear Dad is out now. For more information on Kris Marsden’s forthcoming release My #9 log on to


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