Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival kicked off in style last Friday.

belfastvibe sent reporter Ciaran McElhinney along to the I’m With Her Tour show in association with The Real Music Club to check out US stars Sarah Jarosz, Sara Watkins and Aoife O’Donovan.

Not often you’ll find me in a church these days, however the promise of seeing Sarah, Sara & Aofie perform in the I’m With Her tour enticed me across the threshold of the beautiful St George’s Church.

As soon as the ladies took to the stage the already electric feeling of anticipation soared as these three iconic voices of modern bluegrass wove acoustic melodies and perfect harmonies that further enticed an already smitten audience.

Melding beloved covers with beautifully self penned originals both instrumental and lyrical, we as a collective tapped our feet, clapped our hands and even sang along, “On A Long Hot Summer Day”.

The I’m With Her tour, no broken promises here.

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