After a temporary break, last year Tom Harte and his band mates in Trucker Diablo re-grouped and launched a Pledge Music campaign to release their third album – and after reaching its target the album proved worth the wait.

INBV-TruckerDiabloAlbumFans always knew that Trucker could rock out with the best of them, but as hinted by Maybe You’re The One from their last release, Songs of Iron this is an album that displays more than just a selection of balls out rockers.

There are moments on Rise Above The Noise that will leave the hard rock faithful with their jaws hanging open as they listen agog to the likes of the delicate Murder Ballad.

In terms of setting standards for others to live up to the quality of writing and performance can stand toe-to-toe and exceed the so-called stadium acts pedalling their pension tours and flaccid albums.

From the anthemic Party Like The End of the World to the defiant We Stand Strong the marriage of rock muscle to melody is executed with aplomb.

The trademark bombast of the bottom end of the sound is kept intact under Frankie McClay’s production; but it never overshadows songs like the Southern Rock infused Take Me To The River.

Never utilising a single dimension, keeping faith in what they know, and stretching themselves further, Trucker Diablo have matured and built upon the hooks that had them propelled to larger and larger stages in the past. Those stages are beckoning once again.

By Jonathan Traynor
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