Man in the Moon is a one man play, produced by Brassneck Productions, written by Pearce Elliot and directed by Tony Devlin.

belfastvibe contributor Bridgene Nolan reviews:

When I went to see this show I had no idea what it would be about and was massively surprised.

Previously, when I thought of one man shows I would wonder how one person on stage could keep an audiences attention, or keep them entertained.

Well I have to say, Ciaran Nolan did that in spades.

The show itself is one man’s account of his life, he’s at Half Moon Lake with a carryout on his own and just talking.

As his story develops though, we start to realise it’s also an account of the people, family and friends, that he’s lost along the way to suicide.

It had me laughing and crying in equal measure, and I wasn’t the only one.

Ciaran’s performance was a pleasure to watch and the emotions, both good and bad, that he portrayed during the play captured the entire audience and held them from start to finish .

Now I understand how one person can take an audience and hold them right in the palm of his hand.

I would highly recommend this show to everyone, and would definitely go and see it again.

Tickets for Man in the Moon are available from the Lyric theatre box office on 02890381081 or from

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