belfastvibe reviewer Nora Calder checked out Lucy Spraggan at the Limelight in Belfast.

Lucy Spraggan absolutely rocked the Limelight 2 Belfast last night. Giving Belfast a teaser of her debut album Join the Club she performed In This Church, an original with fascinating lyrics and the usual catchy instrumentals, to get the excited Belfast crowd going.

It wasn’t long before Lucy had her fans screaming, giving One Direction fans a run for their money, giving Lucy the perfect opportunity to ask her fans, “Who’s having a beer tonight?” We all knew what was coming and we weren’t disappointed, Beer Fear the now renowned tune which shot Lucy to fame sent the crowd through the roof. Although Spraggan told fans she wouldn’t be having a beer as she was detoxing..

Belfast got a sneak peak of a few singles from Lucy’s new album before the much anticipated release on Sunday. Lucy told the crowd because she’s broken her leg on holiday the recording of the album was postponed until this week.

Supporting act Kal Lavelle from Dublin impressed the crowd with original songs, giving the night a rustic start. Coming down off the stage she entertained the crowd and personalised her performance.

Spraggan super fan Shauna McIllhennon 31 from Belfast said, “The gig was very lively, lots of new and old tracks, involving the crowd as always. Always a pleasure seeing Lucy.”

Fans were impressed with performance but I don’t think they were as pleased to see that Lucy was sporting her new sparkling engagement ring.

Apart from a few minor sound issues, guitars not being switched on, Lucy being deafened with reverb and looking inquisitively towards the bar the gig was amazing.

Once again Lucy Spraggan impressed and we couldn’t fault her. 10/10.

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