Before I even start about the play I have to say the use of language is fantastic.

I mean Wow! I’m a total word geek, in fact words mean more to me than grammar, punctuation and sometimes even the content.

For me hearing sentences strung together like a beautifully made necklace is an absolute delight and this is exactly what I got at Lally The Scut by Tinderbox Theatre Company last night at The Mac.

Lally The Scut is an interesting play full of satire, fun, comedy, drama, tragedy and hurt. It’s going to end up one of those productions that has so much going on that you may end up wanting to see it many times so that you can follow the sub plots and side stories.

Actress Roisin Gallagher plays Lally, a feisty but damaged young woman willing to do anything to save her child. What a fantastic actor – vibrance, energy, animation, determination and raw emotion – ingredients to a stellar performance.

My favourite character of the night is definitely Digger Barnes “I’m just an ordinary fella” played by Gerard McCabe. The comedy timing coupled with childlike naïveté made him a hilarious addition to the show.

To describe the plot, analyse the nuances and tell you what I thought of the subtle, and not so subtle, messages would be to ruin a fantastic piece of writing by Abbie Spallen and destroy the clever work by director Michael Duke.

In fact…it’s not up to me to tell you whether you should go and see this or not.  It’s up to you to be adventurous enough to give this knife edge production the time of day, because in my humble opinion it wouldn’t be a waste of a night.

This who’s who of brilliant local acting talent made me walk away feeling a great deal of pride for my wee city and the talent we have here.

And this review is not about me proving to the world that I “got it” or spewing some sort of over-written nonsense about whether I noticed the tiny mistake or the real tears or the brilliant set design or the metaphorical messages – it’s about me saying that I came away from this production feeling enriched, enlightened, entertained and excited about Northern Ireland theatre and if you want to feel like that too I would strongly suggest you give it a go.


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