Sinocence have been one of Northern Ireland’s leading heavy metal bands for quite a long time, and they have now released a landmark collection of songs in their latest EP.

This is the second instalment of their No Gods, No Masters trilogy of EPs and contains five of the best songs they’ve ever unleashed.

They have written some outstanding tracks in the past, but this is a peerless selection of modern metal; each track measured and with muscles to spare amidst the arrangements.

INBV-SinocenceIn the past such a selection would have been described as a mini-album as it plunges the listener into a series of masterpieces that show a band that is mature, without losing the sense of creative adventure that keeps music fresh.

There are no stand-out tracks on this as each stands on their own hard rocking strengths.

From opener Ascension Code to closer Covert Messiah it is 28 minutes of lush metal landscapes, dense lyrical adventures that sees Moro, Anto, Jim and Davy excel.

Valorous sees strings deployed and Slavery By Consent and Covert Messiah balance pace with power.

Moros’s voice holds the listener, while Anto delivers controlled fury on lead breaks, with Jim and Davy’s rhythm section laying a solid foundation while playing with a flourish.

What makes it a release that deserves repeated listening is the separation in the production by Frankie McClay.

In Kymatica is the sort of song that could have been lost with poor production and mixing; while the closing minute delicacies Covert Messiah could have sounded wrong without the dexterous playing and sensitive fingers at the desk.

Lyrically there is plenty to mull over on each song, and may take time for people to delve within the intricacies.

This is the release that will be a platform for Sinocence to push to the next level and sets the proverbial bar very high for Volume Three.

By Jonathan Traynor
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