belfastvibe team member Lisa Irvine reviews the comedy play 800 Years Of Annoying The English At The Belfast Barge

First things first, a play on barge? I really had no idea where they were going to fit us all in but the venue was perfect, across the gangway and down to the lower deck, set out like an intimate theatre & it was a BYO, so far so good.

Secondly I generally think I have a great understanding of Irish History….. Maybe not!

The play starts with the introduction from Professor Fitznipple as he presents his new book 800 Years Of Annoying The English that every publisher known to man has refused to publish.

Through his worst 3 performing arts students he starts taking us on his journey through Irish History as he sees it, from St Patrick being a consultant, The Virgin Queen rapping about not being one & hating men, Cromwell being dumped by a girl, humiliated and turning his hatred on the Irish, Oscar Wilde being cunning and not so Wilde, Queen Vic and the fact that she couldn’t give a feck to the absolute gem which was the finale ‘Irish Talent’ starting with Danny Boy and taking us straight through to Jedward.

800 years of Irish history squeezed into 1 hour of dry wit, sarcastic comments, awful singing and constant laughing. This is a play you would never bore of seeing again & again.

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