A beautiful blend of autumn colours, a cosy interior delivering homely vibes and most importantly a cuisine that could make any avid taster drool – gentlemen and gentle-ladies, this is Shed Bistro.

It is a family run restaurant, driven by local community tastes and can house up to 45 customers during one session.

I had the pleasure of dining in this hidden gem on Ormeau Road and I must say I will be coming back to get fed and watered.


From light bites to heavy mouthfuls this place has a wide variety of dishes both tailored for a quick bite or a well savoured three course meal.

After a quick glance at the menu your eyes are greeted to a wide variety of foods such as Pumpkin Risotto, Vietnamese Duck Leg or even Traditional Turkey and Ham. Shed offers an extensive menu that is sure to take your taste buds on an adventure.

Having a taste for spicy cuisine I knew I couldn’t go wrong with the Jalapeno Burger with a side of Parmesan fries (mouth watering yet?).

The waitress suggested Teriyaki sauce, which at first I was reluctant because I’m not usually a big fan of mayonnaise based sauces however I went for it and was later surprised.

The interior is garnished with subtle, warm colours of brown, yellow and beige that could quickly make you forget about the horrors of Northern Irish weather outside. Pleasant chill music plays in the background while you can observe the chefs prepare customer dishes by the cooking area.


I was only waiting 13 minutes before my main arrived and I daresay there’s been very few burgers in my life displayed so well as the one before me right now.

Initial opinions: presentation was spot on. I contemplated whether to take pictures or just tuck in but I managed to stave off the desire for a brief moment for the sake of the review.


I took a big bite from the burger and there was flavour festival in my mouth. A great blend of spicy, tangy and texture made this burger one of my all-time favourites. The Parmesan fries where full of cheesy goodness; a fantastic blend of coriander and parmesan, and for anyone who hasn’t tried this before – I recommend going to your nearest Parmesan-cheese selling vendor and trying this at home. Parmesan on chips beats cheddar any day in my book.

I was also pleasantly surprised with how much I liked the Teriyaki sauce. It went well with the fries and I will definitely be ordering it again in the future.

I only settled for a main however I asked for the dessert menu to appease my interest.


I was pretty gutted I was stuffed after reading about the Crème Brule with Blueberry Compote and Salted Caramel with Chocolate torte. Even after glancing at the breakfast menu I kind of craved maple pancakes but alas. Shed definitely accommodates the sweet tooth and I will have to come back to give them a try.

I would strongly recommend to anyone with the munchies to pop in if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed and it won’t leave your wallet too much lighter upon leaving. Considering the quality of food, along with the quality of customer service you are getting every penny’s worth. So give it a go. Treat your taste buds and dine at Belfast’s Shed.

Gratitude to Kelly – Assistant manager who give me some background information.


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