The Eglantine has recently undergone a complete makeover including a new menu boasting some very interesting choices. Here’s our top 4…

1. West vs East

Eg burger

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls… I know, WTF?! They sound like they shouldn’t work but these bad boys are the business for £5.95. Make that President Business! The Bhaji Onion Rings, another wonderful combo, make a great partnership.

Bucket List items are buy 1 get 1 free every Monday and Wedneday. Don’t forget to ask about the dip ladder!

2. For Frites Sake

Eg Steak

Man can not live on steak alone, but add in some American cheese sauce and chips and he could make a good stab at eating this dish at least once a day. The Phillycheese comes highly recommended at £6.95.

Deciding which Frites dish to pick is a difficult task. Fear not! With a Frites Loyalty Card collect 6 stamps and get your 7th Frite free!

3. Look Out! UFEs

Eg Egg

Is it a meringue. Is it an egg? Does it contain sausages? It’s a surprise. Guess you’ll have to order the Unidentified Flying Eggs to find out. It’ll cost you £5.95.

If you don’t like surprises, go for the El Jefe Mojo Cubano, an authentic Cuban sandwich, but if you want to partner it with a cigar you’ll have to go outside to smoke it.

4. Mmm Donuts!

Eg Beigne

Beignets are New Orleans French Quarter donuts, served with a side of hot chocolate sauce for just £3.95. Need we say more?

If you’re a fan of liquid desserts try the Jim Beam infused Smokie or the Deconstructed White Russian.

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