Starring charismatic Ciaran McMenamin, period drama After Miss Julie is a play filled with lust, jealousy and passion centred around VE Day 1945 in the heart of County Fermanagh.

The Enniskillen-born actor – well known for his title role in David Copperfield and for his award-winning turn in Saving The Titanic, answered our questions ahead of the play’s debut in The MAC on March 30.

After Miss Julie

How does it feel to be back onstage in Belfast?

As a local boy I am thrilled to be back onstage in Belfast. Belfast has a special place in my soul being the first place I spent any real time away from Fermanagh back in the nineties. Some of my most important experiences both artistically and personally took place in this city and indeed the first time I stepped professionally onto a stage was at the Lyric in a production of ‘Joyriders’ with a cast including After Miss Julie’s Director Emma Jordan no less.

Is this your first time performing in The MAC?

After Miss Julie will be my first time performing at The MAC. I can’t wait as the theatre space is great and the entire building is a pleasure to be in.

After Miss Julie

How does performing onstage to a live audience differ from filming and TV roles and which do you prefer?

I genuinely enjoy all the different acting mediums for very different reasons.

Making film or television is an amazing collaborative experience on the right project but at the end of the day there is nothing like live performance. Starting an emotional journey at the beginning and carrying it through chronologically, while at the same time presenting it to an audience is why I became an actor.

How did you prepare for this role?

Preparing for After Miss Julie has been an interesting rollercoaster.

The characters in this play and consequently the actors playing them travel to some very dark places and we have had to be ready to find those places within ourselves in order to give the piece the authenticity it requires.


What’s next for you?

Next up for me I will hang around Belfast for a few weeks longer to record Patrick Kielty’s new sitcom for radio ‘Big Country’. A much lighter little ditty, but again an entirely different challenge.

Then I will find a beach somewhere warm and sleep for a week on a lounger with an extensive cocktail menu nearby!

After Miss Julie is running at The MAC from March 30 – April 9. For more information including how to get tickets, check out

The play features an all-star cast from stage and screen – including Pauline Hutton and Lisa Dwyer Hogg (BBC’s The Fall) alongside Ciaran.

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