Northern Irish indie-folk five-piece, Silences, are taking China by storm as part of campaign UK Music on The Go.

Major universities including the likes of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou will be plastered with the faces and lyrics of Silences.

As part of the campaign, Chinese audiences are offered access to 10 songs from 10 up-and-coming UK bands. So far, Silences appear to be the most popular band of the lot.


Silences is made up of childhood friends Conchúr White, Christopher Harbinson, Brendan White, Jonathan Downing and Michael Keyes. Together, they create dramatic, emotive music that has been compared to the likes of Coldplay, Jeff Buckley and Death Cab For Cutie.

When speaking about the campaign, frontman Conchúr White said: “It hasn’t really sunk in yet, it still seems a bit surreal. We didn’t expect to get such a reaction and we’re hoping to get good exposure both at home and in China. Whatever happens though, it will be a great story to tell!

“It would be great now for us to be able to capitalise on this and see the campaign on the ground. We would love to be able to do a small tour of China at some point as we’ve never played that far from home before.”

Their first two EPS received extensive critical claim and with the support they are gathering from this campaign, Silences are planning for the future. Conchúr described Silences goals for the next year – to record and release the band’s third EP and celebrate it by touring relentlessly.

On top of this, Silences are set to sign a deal with the Music Service, Secret Road in LA in the hopes of getting their tracks on some of the most popular TV shows.

IMBV-The Sea Single

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