The Quartel will launch their new EP with with a gig in Jamlive Studios on Saturday, August 15 at 6.30pm.

Ahead of the release, J’aime Rachelle caught up with lead singer Dominic Courtney for a Q&A session…

Photo by Sean McKernan

Dominic Courtney. Photo by Sean McKernan

Q: Do you feel people don’t take you seriously because you’re young musicians?

A: Nah, not really. It felt like that at the start, but we’ve started to gain a bit more of a following… I think young acts are on top of the music scene in Belfast at the moment

Q: What local bands are worth a listen?

A: There’s a few I’ve been really into lately… I’ve been doing a good bit of solo stuff recently and been jamming with a load of musicians. Top three would have to be Citizen Nobody, Drop Anchor and Cloak & Dagger.

Q: What differences have you found when doing solo performances?

A: I have full control with my solo stuff, it’s a lot easier to draw a crowd and keep them coming back.

Quartel EP

Q: Tell me about the new EP?

A: Expect to hear our best tunes yet! It’s up on iTunes and YouTube so people can give it a listen before buying it.

Q: Do you feel the EP reflects the band well and the direction you want to go?

A: When we were writing it, yes. It reflects us around that time, but we’re still finding our sound so we don’t know what our next venture will sound like!

Q: What musician do you admire most?

A: That’s a tough question… Otis Redding!

Q: What tips would you give to a young musician wanting to start a band?

A: Don’t start a band at first, do your own thing and just jam with other people along the way, that way you’re not restricted to 3 or 4 people’s ideas.

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