Therapy? released their new album, Disquiet, described as a sequel to 1994’s Troublegum, this Monday.

Those wanting to hear the album before deciding whether to buy it, can stream the entire album via the Kerrang! website here.

It’s their first album on new label, Amazing Record Co, and features 11 tracks of “charged, in-your-face, bruisingly melodic punk/metal”.

“We wanted to write something a bit more anthemic again,” said vocalist/guitarist Andy Cairns.

“In May last year we did a 20th anniversary tour for the Troublegum album, and it was completely sold out, and it was great hearing those songs sung back at us, and seeing what they meant to people.

“Clearly it would be idiocy for us to attempt to recreate Troublegum, because that was a different era, and a different band line-up, but the starting point for this album for me was thinking ‘What would the protagonist of Troublegum be doing twenty years on?’”

Here’s the video for the superb Still Hurts, available on the new album…

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