Updating your music library for the summer? Here are 6 up and coming musicians to keep your eye on.

1. Saint Sister

IMBV-O Sister

The soulful voice of Morgan MacIntyre is entwined with Gemma Doherty’s traditional Irish harp to produce a unique sound that is stunning audiences across Ireland. Currently developing their first official release, this pair recently completed their first TV performance of TG4 with their song, My Baby Must Sleep.

2. Katharine Timoney

IMBV-Katharine Timoney

A jazz, soul and blues musician who boasts an elegant voice, complemented by gentle percussion and piano. Katharine Timoney released her debut EP, Guilty Sin, in summer 2014 and her growing audience cannot wait for her next release.

3. Rebekah Wilson

IMBV-Rebekah Wilson

In April this year Rebekah Wilson released her debut EP, Reprieve. Her alternative style is uplifting and flaunts her ability to write songs of full with truth and raw emotion. At only 17, this release is a huge achievement and there’s a lot more to come from this girl – watch this space.

4. Goldie Fawn

IMBV-Goldie Fawn

Katie And The Carnival reinvented herself as Goldie Fawn; changing her image but maintaining her fun and lively persona. As well as booking many live performances in Belfast this summer, Goldie has recently set up her own body beautiful campaign to illuminate the importance of self-acceptance.

5. Little Rivers

IMBV-Little Rivers

Little Rivers a.k.a. Callum Cairns released his EP titled We, I on a whim in 2012. The overwhelmingly positive critical reception of his complex but controlled songs led to countless live performances and a follow up eponymous EP in 2014. This year there’s new music to come from this chap and his acoustic guitar and we can’t wait.

6. Sara Crockett

IMBV-Sara Crockett

You may have heard Sara Crockett recently on BBC Radio Ulster. Her Country/Pop style mixes vibes of Taylor Swift with Sara’s original style, creating a refreshing sound. Her EP, Better Be Gone, is packed with quirky story-telling songs.

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