The baby of True Detective and Se7en has been born.

Straight from Spain award-winning film Marshland will open at Queen’s Film Theatre on August 7.

This hot alternative to the typical summer blockbuster tells the story of a serial killer who settles into a small village in 1980’s Spain and causes several adolescents to disappear.

When two young sisters vanish their mother forces an investigation involving two troubled detectives who come up against unexpected difficulties.

Director, Alberto Rodriguez, said: “The idea was to create the events in the film based on the day to day routine of cops nearly forty years ago. And thanks to the advice of two policemen still in service, we managed lots of research on a first hand basis which helped construct the plot.

“In the end, we had a strong plot that carried the story with strength and we needed to integrate the characters more, so we decided to draw from real events which took place in those years. In the case of Pedro’s character we used the real story of a policeman who was admonished and retired from his post just because he expressed his repulsion towards some of the military who were in favour of an overthrow of the government. We must not forget the story takes place in 1980.”


The Guardian described the film as: “Eerie, atmospheric and nail-biting to the very end.”

The film was also the undisputed winner at the 2015 Spanish Academy Goya Awards, picking up 10 prizes including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor to name a few.

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