If you’re up for escaping the crowds at Sunflowerfest there’s a realm called Bliss featuring a programme of complementary therapies including yoga sessions and a chill-out zone.

Here’s the details of some of the therapies on offer…

1. Chill Out And Rehydrate

Vita Coco’s Cococabana will provide complimentary, chilled coconut water and a place of shade.

2. Chocolate Shamanic Yoga

A workshop involving chocolate, who could resist? Participant can enjoy handmade ceremonial cacao bombs, a superfood said to give greater clarity to the brain, to while learning about mixing energies.


3. Shake Your Soul Dance

Mixing yoga and dance in a unique approach to mind-body exercise which is said to be inspiring.

4. Sound Healing

Ideal for those looking to relax. Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs and drums will help you achieve a sense of stillness.

5. Aroma Therapy

A combination of essential oils stimulate the part of the brain that affects emotion. These effects can be manipulated to help you relax.


6. Reflexology

A practice that’s been carried out since 2330 BC. By applying pressure to the feet and hands you can relieve tension and pain.

7. Reiki

An ancient practice in which the therapist directs energy towards the participant and treats the entire body, as well as emotions, mind and spirit to improve their well-being.

8. Massage

To reduce anxiety, stress and tension, have a massage which increases blood flow around the body and removes discomfort.


9. Laughter Yoga

Last year the festival set the world record of the largest laughter yoga session, this one is sure to leave you grinning.

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