It’s that time of year again, where we are glad to report it is perfectly acceptable to wrap up in blankets and watch all of your favourite Christmas movies (while binge eating Cadbury’s Roses).

All we need now is the Shloer.


One of our favourite go-to festive films has to be Love Actually, so you can imagine our surprise when we heard that a (whole entire!) storyline had been deleted from the film, with characters we never even meet.

Despite being uploaded to YouTube a few years ago, this scene has gone viral this week as stunned Love Actually fans have stumbled across it– and it’s pretty heartbreaking.

Director Richard Curtis revealed that the scene, which features the headmistress and her partner, was cut as a previous scene featuring her had been cut out too.


As a result, the back story for the character was gone, and the rest of the scenes didn’t make sense without it.

We have to admit, if this storyline had of remained, we’d be bawling our eyes out even more during one of our favourite Christmas movies of all time. This is some seriously heartbreaking stuff…

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