Elsa used to be a fairly unique name, the sort of girl who would hang about with Liam Gallagher and experiment with Alka Seltzer.

By 2018 school teachers will be in for a headache trying to keep track of the dozens of Elsas in their cohort.
It’s all thanks to Frozen, the most successful Disney movie of all time.

Elsa dolls were the must-have Christmas gift and the popularity of the film shows no signs of abating. It’s very likely a lot of mothers will strongly consider the name for any baby girls born in 2015. Especially if the mums are already called Britney or Christina.

The relationship between a parent and a child is one based on exaggeration and unwavering love. You will not hear a parent saying their child is mildly amused by Frozen. There is only one word used to describe children who have seen Frozen more than once – obsessed. It is a word used increasingly often by parents for anything their children have ever expressed an interest in.

Using Frozen as an example, what starts out as a daughter gazing in awe at Elsa’s icy powers, results in the girl being dressed as a princess, bombarded with replica toys, activity books and stickers, and even being allowed to get tattoos of their favourite characters (albeit temporary ones).

As with all obsessions, someone is always in a position to gain. In this case the main benefactors are Walt Disney and Belfast sisters Paula and Donna Savage, who are doing a roaring trade as Anna and Elsa impersonators at parties for Frozen obsessed primary schoolers.

It’s fair to say I’ve developed an unhealthy interest in Frozen. Some would call it an obsession. People telling me to ‘Let It Go’ doesn’t help.

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