The power of love is the cinema’s most seductive illusion, making our hearts beat faster and longing to see the best classic love films.

BFI Love is a major new project that will re-kindle audiences passions for film and television’s most enduring love stories. 

Love is in the air everywhere you look around Northern Ireland as BFI LOVE partners up with Plusnet to present a series of big screen experiences to woo cinema audiences this autumn.

BFI love

BFI is producing a love-based film show case that represent their best classic love films. They will ensure that audiences all over the UK can find that lovin’ feelin’ with UK-wide theatrical releases.


Northern Ireland’s oldest picture house, The Strand Arts Centre will host three experiential and immersive screenings which cover both the dark side and the fabulous side of love. The films will include Blue Velvet, Natural Born Killers and Amélie. 

QFT‘s A Young Love Weekender of four screenings will be delivered by  Takeover Film Festival. The youth pannel team is made up of a dozen 15-20 year olds. The focus will be ‘First Love’ and will explore younger people’s quest for love that present comic and tragic journeys of relationships. The films they have chosen are Harold and Maud and Gregory’s Girl.

Every teenager can relate to the gangly and gawky teenager played by John Gordon Sinclair in Gregory’s Girl.

Cinemagic will feature five film events and these events are welcome for children, families and young people to celebrate a magical take of ‘Heroic Love Films’ portrayed through classic animations, traditional stories/folklore, and exciting adventures. These selected movies are classics you cant miss out on!

Cinemagic will feature Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and 1987 hit The Princess Bride. 

Alternative Love presents three immersive screening events at the Black Box Belfast. Weird Science (1985) will be inforced by presentations on the science of kissing, Lars and the Real Girl (2007) will see a few inanimate guests join and interact with the audience and Scott Pilgrim VS. the World (2010) features live music from godfather of punk Terri Hooley and local punk band The Penny Dreadfuls.



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