It’s hard to beat watching a movie at the cinema – the surround sound of Dolby, the crunch of popcorn, the mountain air on your cheeks, the waves lapping at your feet.

Wait a minute! Who ordered the mountain air and lapping waves?

It would seem that going to the cinema is no longer an indoor experience.

That’s not to say it ever was – drive-ins were very popular in America in the good old days when convertibles were all the rage. But over here in Northern Ireland convertibles didn’t exactly take off and the rage was a more tenable one.


Nowadays dressing in normal clothes to go to an indoor cinema has become one of the most boring things movie buffs can do. In the space of a fortnight film fanatics have the chance to not only watch three classic movies, but become part of a spectacle to coincide with their screenings.

Just this Friday past, brides and grooms got to double the amount of times they’ll wear their wedding attire with a special screening of Muriel’s Wedding in the Black Box in partnership with Belfast Film Festival.

The dressed-up couples were treated to a series of famous clips and scenes from cinematic wedding disaster movies including Four Weddings and a Funeral, Wild Tales, Bridesmaids and The Wedding Singer as they feasted on wedding canapes. Then, for the main event brides and grooms revelled in the Australian classic Muriel’s Wedding followed by the obligatory wedding disco after the screening.

The next stop for cinemaniacs is Divis and the Black Mountain for a extraspecial screening of Spielberg’s extraterrestrial masterpiece Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. The event, arranaged by Belfast Film Festival takes place on Friday, August 7 at 9pm and is part of the Feile Festival.

Close Encounters

Those attending (£5 each) are advised to bring a torch, blankets, sleeping bags, hot water bottles and refreshments, and a change of underwear in case of abduction.

And finally to another Spielberg spectacle – Jaws. The movie that put the fear of sharks into every human being except surfer Mick Fanning will be screened on the beach at Portrush West Strand on Saturday, August 8 at 6pm (£6).


There will be a picnic area for the audience to sit before the inevitable happens and someone runs headlong into the ocean only to be sheared into tiny pieces by a great white. There’s always one!

For those who value their limbs you can bring a blanket and your own refreshments to enjoy the movie. On site food and drink will also be available.
Alongside Jaws there will be three other sea-based screenings – The Little Mermaid (11am), Splash (2pm) and The Fog (9pm).

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