Red herrings. Murder mysteries. Gangland shootings. Police crime dramas are a staple of both the big and small screen. But if you’ve no idea of where to start in the world of detective tales, never fear. Handily, Netflix has a great back catalogue of some of the best additions to the genre.

Here are some of the best modern cop thrillers available to stream on Netflix UK.

1. Luther (2010-2015)

British crime drama Luther catapulted its star, Idris Elba, into mainstream stardom. The series follows Serious Crimes Unit officer John Luther, a London detective with an impeccable track-record matched only by his violent, obsessive and sometime erratic methods of getting the job done. Dark, grisly and wholly engrossing, Luther has been one of the BBC’s most internationally popular series to date, and it’s easy to see why.

2. Mr Brooks (2007)

This psychological drama takes the classic serial killer hunt to a whole new level. Kevin Costner stars as the titular Mr. Brooks, a Portland businessman who moonlights as a violent serial killer. Things take a turn for the worse for Brooks when the police begin investigating his series of murders, dubbing him the “Thumbprint Killer”. Will Brooks be able to stay ahead of the cops on his trail? This mind-bending murder-mystery has gone on to develop something of a cult following since its critically acclaimed release.

3. The Frozen Ground (2013)

Another Cop vs Serial Killer story – loosely based on the real-life 80’s killing spree of Alaskan murderer Robert Hansen, who was responsible for the deaths of numerous young women in the barren Alaskan wilderness. John Cusack plays the sinister family-man while Nic Cage stars as state trooper Jack Halcombe, the man tasked with bringing the horrific spree to an end. Thrilling, dark and deeply riveting, The Frozen Ground is not to be missed.

4. The Killing (US) (2011-)

This hit AMC (and later Netflix Original) series is based on the critically acclaimed Danish series Forbrydelsen (The Crime). Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman star as a pair of Homicide detectives investigating the murder of young Rosie Larsen on the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. Full of twists and turns and wondrous exposition, The Killing is a slow-moving but hugely engrossing crime drama, and well worth adding to the Netflix queue.


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