Some of cinema’s most well-known characters would be nothing without their trusted weapons. More often than not these death-dealing pieces of equipment have saved the lives of our favourite heroes time and time again. Meanwhile, in the hands of movies’ most iconic villains, they strike fear and terror into even the bravest of souls.

Here are some of the most iconic, badass weapons from the annals of cinematic history.

Wolverine’s Claws (X-Men Franchise)

Following a series of scientific experiments, the already dangerous Logan is made all the more imposing when his knuckle-sprouted claws are reinforced with unbreakable Adamantium – a fictional metal alloy. He’ll never have to use a tin-opener again.


Death Star (Star Wars Franchise)

That’s not a moon – that’s a space station. The iconic Death Star may just be the most overpowered weapon in cinematic history. Capable of destroying entire planets in mere seconds and large enough to enjoy its own orbit, this hulking monstrosity took 25 years to build.

Death Star

Oddjob’s Hat (Goldfinger)

Not only is this cap a dapper fashion statement, it conceals a rim full of serrated razor-blades. Deadly when thrown like a boomerang, this bowler hat has the power to slice through concrete as if it were butter. Just be hopeful that it isn’t windy and blows back in your direction…


The Chainsaw (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

The simple chainsaw. First rate tool of the aspiring gardener and would-be serial killer. The maniacal whirring of a chainsaw engine is enough to instill fear into anyone’s hearts, especially when it’s wielded by a fat bloke with someone else’s face on.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Boomstick (Evil Dead Franchise)

Straight from the shelves of S-Mart comes the 12-Gauge, Double-Barrel Remington Shotgun aka The Boomstick. A trusty companion of zombie-warrior Ash Williams throughout the Evil Dead franchise. All for $109.95!

Boomstick Evil Dead

Rabbit (Monty Python & The Holy Grail)

Deep in the Cave of Caerbannog lives a murderous and violent beast that has terrified the local population for centuries. A white rabbit. Don’t be fooled by his cute looks however, as this angry little Leporidae has the tendency to behead all who enter its domain with its razor-sharp fangs.

Monty Python Rabbit

Phaser (Star Trek)

Set phasers to stun! These sidearms are standard equipment for all members of the Starfleet Academy. A multi-functional particle-based weapon, they work by firing fictional nadion particles, which are capable of disrupting the movement of atomic nuclei and causing instant death. So now you know.

Star Trek Phaser

Lightsaber (Star Wars Franchise)

Ah, the Lightsaber. That glowing sword of choice for all followers of the way of Force. The iconic Star Wars accessory may just hold the record of being the most instantly recognisable movie sound effect out there. Without this trusty blade we would never have had legendary characters like Darth Vader, Yoda and the Star Wars Kid. VWARRMM!

Star Wars Lightsaber

The Bull-whip (Indiana Jones Franchise)

Maybe not as powerful as some of the other weapons out there, but Indy’s whip has pulled him out of enough scrapes in its time. Be it swiping guns from the grasp of enemies, or launching Indy over snake-filled pits, this trusty leather line has more than earned its place on this list.

Indiana Jones

.44 Magnum (Dirty Harry)

“Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?” (The correct quote, contrary to popular belief.) Heralded as the most powerful revolver ever produced, this iconic weapon saw a spike in real-world sales following its starring turn as Clint Eastwood’s sidearm.

Walther PPK (James Bond Franchise)

The most iconic of James Bond’s plethora of tools and tricks. The Walther PPK was initially one of the first double action semi-automatic pistols to be successfully produced on a mass scale. The character of Bond has continually used a modified version of this German firearm throughout his various acting changes, and it was most recently seen in Skyfall.

Bond Skyfall

Proton Pack (Ghostbusters Franchise)

Don’t cross the streams! These iconic devices are the go-to weapon of choice for the Ghostbusters team. The Proton Pack is a particle accelerator that fires a stream of protons at an intended target (namely a ghost), and polarizers the negativity of the ghouls atomic make-up, effectively paralyzing them. Yeah, science b*tch!


The Mini-Gun (Terminator 2: Judgement Day)

Is there anything more dangerous than a nigh-unstoppable Austrian death-robot from the future? An Austrian death-robot wielding a mini-gun perhaps? This extreme piece of heavy weapon kit fires a terrifying 6000 rounds a minute, which is about 100 per second. You better get the hell out of the way then.


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