There are only so many Tall Ships you can look at in one afternoon. I think 17 is the limit.

When you’ve had your fill of the gazing upwards at vessels here’s a handy pub crawl to have you sailing three sheets to the wind.

Starting at the Big Fish and facing away from the River Lagan, set sail for Queen’s Square where you’ll find…

1. McHughs

Bar McHughs

This contemporary yet classic pub which dates back to 1711 is the perfect starting point for a drinks-based voyage.

For your next port of call, traverse the fountains of Custom House Square before anchoring across High Street at…

2. The National

The National

A pint in the sun is the order of the day in The National beer garden where’s there’s enough wooden decking to fit out a modest houseboat.

Leave The National by the side entrance and you’ll be sailing very close to…

3. The Spaniard


No ship-based drinking fun would be complete with a trip to Belfast’s only dedicated rum pub.

Next, meander the cobbled streets of the Cathedral Quarter until you end up at…

4. The Duke of York

Duke of York

He had ten thousand men apparently. Although the capacity here is considerably less, you’ll still find a sizeable crowd at this old-style pub favoured by people of every walk of life.

After four drinks it’s probably time for a bit of a muse. A sharp right onto Donegall Street will take you to…

5. The John Hewitt

John Hewitt

Avast me hearties at the vast array of craft beers, ales and stouts from these shores and further afield in this thinking-man’s pub named after the Belfast poet.

Another trip along the cobbles will lead you to the final destination…

6. The Harp Bar

Harp Bar

Always good for a knees up, The Harp Bar is as good a spot as any to settle down for the night.

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