If you remember the Spectrum computer with any degree of fondness, you’ll be buzzing to hear that Europe’s top retro gaming outfit funstockretro.co.uk are bringing it back from the dead.

Comp Spectrum

They will be offering nostalgic gamers an incredible 1,000 (yes, one thousand) games in its Sinclair ZX Spectrum VEGA computer for just £99.99.

Launched this week, the machine hooks up to your TV through a simple AV cable, and instantly plugs you in to a host of classics such as ‘Knight’s Lore’ and ‘Back To Skool’, titles you might have been smart enough to programme yourself.

Our only worry is it mightn’t have that ‘errrr errrrrrr err errrrrrrr err’ noise the computer made when the cassette was loading.

We can’t possibly bask in the retrospective glory of the Spectrum without mentioning it’s two rivals…

There was the Amstrad which I don’t think children would have enjoyed to the same degree if they’d known it was Lord Sugar’s baby…

Comp Amstrad

And the Commodore, listed in the Guinness Book Of Records as the highest-selling single computer model of all time…Comp Commodore

Together Spectrum, Amstrad and Commodore formed the Holy Trinity of computers for children of the 80s, competing for the hearts and minds of children in much the same way as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft do today.

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