Reviews of four new games released on PS4, Wii U and iPhone/iPad formats

1. Project CARS

PS4 £39.99

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Project CARS started life as a crowdfunded concept. And it’s a ringing endorsement of power to the people as, over four years later, it emerges from the pits as arguably the finest looking racing game the console world has seen. If your jaw doesn’t hit the floor when you see this game in all its HD glory, it will almost certainly reach the leather driver’s seat. Dynamic rain and other weather effects are a joy to behold as you wrestle to extract maximum performance from one of dozens of high-powered vehicles. Controls are challenging without being over-frustrating and the feedback you’ll get from differing terrain and bumps in the road will further immerse you in a simulation where attention to detail is second to none. 89%

2. Kirby And The Rainbow Paintbrush

Wii U £27.99

Game Rainbow

Do you have the magic touch? If so, why not take control of Kirby and set off on a series of grand adventures in a hand-sculpted clay world? Rainbow Paintbrush challenges you to draw lines on the touchscreen of the Wii U GamePad controller to create rainbow-coloured clay ropes which will help you move Kirby around freely, while you can tap him to attack enemies or blast through obstacles. It’s a stunning-looking game, but the true beauty lies beneath in the level of care apportioned to the controls that bring the Wii U touch screen to life in a way we have rarely seen on the system. Kirby continues to build kudos for Nintendo’s enigmatic system in the Rainbow Paintbrush. 88%

3. Marvel: Future Fight

iPhone/iPad Free

Game Marvel

Marvel has been dominating the big screen headlines recently with the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and here Future Fight succeeds in packing a mighty punch on your mobile device with a 3D brawler that allows you to pick from a whopping collection of superhero characters and wander around the comic-book universe dishing out all sorts of explosive punishment to those stupid enough to get in your way. Everything plays out with just the kind of over-the-top, hyper-real panache you would expect, and there is so much fun to be had before you even entertain the prospect of paying to enhance the experience. Future Fight will quickly become a favourite on your smartphone or tablet desktop. 81%

4. Jurrasic World: The Game

iPhone/iPad Free

Game Jurassic

Jurassic World: The Game is a pretty shameless tie-in to the upcoming film of the same name and leans heavily on the mechanics established in previous release, Jurassic Park Builder. You’re challenged with building the ultimate dinosaur-inhabited theme park, packed with weird and wonderful herbivores and carnivores that can’t be best pleased with returning to captivity. Of course, the bigger and better your beasties, the more money you’ll earn from paying visitors to further expand your empire. One addition to this new title is Arena, which brings turn-based combat to the party, where different dinosaurs square up against each other and give you the opportunity to boost your prehistoric following. 82%

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