When comedian Sean Hegarty took to social media to allow his friends and followers to name his upcoming one-man show he surely must have known it was going to backfire.

But perhaps not as spectacularly as it actually did. Sean’s show, which he’ll be taking to the Black Box tomorrow (April 13), is entitled ISIS Fundraiser.

He explained how it came about: “On February 17, I took to Social Media to ask my friends and followers to name my upcoming one-man show, a show containing one-liners, gags, jokes, music and props.

Sean FB

The Facebook post that kickstarted the naming game

“I thought my fool-proof plan couldn’t go wrong. Someone names it something silly, people laugh, click ‘like’ and I get a stupid title and maybe a bit of publicity to help sell tickets. Some predicted comments followed, ‘Pubes’, ‘Pussy Whisperer’ and the cleverest one of all which was my favorite, ‘Jokeback Mountain’. Unfortunately for me, more people hate me than expected and what followed can only be described as catastrophic.”

ISIS Fundraiser came out on top with 72 likes with Sean’s own comment ‘Well this has backfired spectacularly!’ coming in at a close second with 65 likes.

Sean's show

Sean’s show

Sean said: “I’m stuck with a show title that not only leaves me with egg on my face…but no doubt fearing for my life as the show draws nearer. As I man of my word, I feel like I can’t go back on what was a competition only Bernard Manning would be proud of.

“All proceeds are not going towards funding terrorism… but to feeding my kids and paying some bills. I just hope punters take the show title as a bit of ‘tongue in cheek’ humour and nothing more, I don’t want anyone going mad and losing the head.”

He added: “Hopefully see some of you at the show… if you can get past all the protesters.”

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