One of Northern Ireland’s most loved comedians Colin Geddis tells us what his Christmas is like.

What does Christmas mean to you?


Favourite Christmas memory?

When I was young, I remember my mum being in my bedroom trying to get me to sleep, she told me the noises above my room were Santa and his reindeers on the roof. In actual fact it was my dad stumbling around the attic steaming drunk, trying to retrieve presents.

And the worst memory?

I remember holding a paper napkin over a candle at the dinner table on Christmas Day and almost setting the entire table fire. Unfortunately this was before the days of the camera phone.

Best present ever received? And the worst?

Socks. They are the worst present when you are young, and then you hit a certain age when new socks are the highlight of the year.

One present you wanted but never got?

Nothing really. I was a fairly simple child. A new football would have kept me busy till about mid-March.

It’s Christmas day… you’re hosting a dinner party. Which 3 guests would you have (living or dead) and why?

I’d invite Bill Burr, one of my favourite living comedians. Hilarious Canadian chef, Matty Matheson to make the spuds, and because she’s beside me as I type this, my girlfriend, Mairin.

If you could pull a cracker this Christmas who would he/she be?

Anyone at all. I’m not a fussy man.

Favourite Christmas cracker joke?

Why doesn’t Santa have any kids of his own?… He only comes once  year and it’s down the chimney.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen that in a cracker.

Do you have a Christmas party trick?

Yes. I can make 8 meals disappear in one day.

Favourite place to be during Christmas?

Anywhere with friends and family. Preferably someone else’s house, so I don’t have to try and get rid of 4,000 empty beer bottles.

Favourite Christmas song? (I’m sure it’s Wham as you’re a big George Michael fan I believe)

They’re all fairly annoying, so yeah, WHAM’ll do.

Any new year resolutions?

Yes, I’m going to quit questionnaires. Merry Christmas.

You can catch Colin and a host of other top comedians at the Lavery’s Comedians Christmas Do on Wednesday December 16. It features a great line-up of comedians including Colin, Shane Todd, Micky Bartlett, Sean Hegarty, Dave Elliott, Aaron McCann, Ruairi Woods, Phil McEwan, Paddy McDonnell and Ciaran Bartlett. Entry is £6, doors open 8.30pm.



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