Did anyone else spot the glaring error in B&Q‘s new S&M campaign?

Staff have been told to read up on 50 Shades of Grey as they expect to be inundated with inquiries for duct tape, cable ties and the likes for couples wanting to follow the lead of Britain’s favourite pervert Mr Grey aka Jamie Dornan.

Are people seeking bondage equipment seriously going to want to broadcast it in public or better still seek the advice of someone in an orange bib who normally deals with plumbing queries?

A female customer in an electrical appliances store isn’t going to give the game away by asking for a washing machine with an extra vigorous spin cycle.

Nor is it appropriate for a greengrocer to ask you your intentions for the cucumber you’ve just bought.

Some things are best left unspoken.

I fear the result of this PR stunt is that anyone buying duct tape for genuine purposes is going to be greeted with a nudge and a wink. And if they’re really lucky,a mobile phone number scrawled on the back of a receipt.

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