Belfast based wordsmith Malojian is set to release his latest album later this month.

The artist, whose debut release The Deer’s Cry achieved critical acclaim locally, said he had never intended to start a new album so soon after his debut.

INBV-Sounds Malojian Deers cryBut Steve Scullion, aka Malojian said: “I had been writing a lot of new songs and wanted to demo them, so I asked Michael Mormecha (drums) if he fancied helping out.

“We started with Communion Girls at Mikey’s studio (Millbank). I knew straight away that I wanted to record the whole album there.”

Southlands, released May 18, has already secured airplay nationally and recorded a session with BBC Radio 2.

Steve added: “We recorded loads of stuff, always trying to capture a live performance as the foundation and then building from there.

“We actually had an album after 10 days, however things started to take off a bit with The Deer’s Cry so suddenly we were touring more than usual – and Southlands got put on hold.

“Every time we came back to finish it, I had new songs – I was dealing with a lot of personal stuff (illness, death, the birth of my son) – and I think it’s all there in the songs.

“What I’ve ended up with sounds like a proper band record – rather than just a singer songwriter with some session guys.”

Tracks include Communion Girls, Bathtub Blues and What Am I Worth?

For more information or to download the track log onto

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