Sometimes there are songs in life that will just always be fantastic.

And as a result their creators will garner not only long-term fans but continually pick up new ones across the generational divide.

Irish band The 4 Of Us are one of those bands. Newry-born brothers Brendan and Declan Murphy are the songwriting nucleus of group which spans more than two decades.

Having shot to early fame with their 1989 debut Songs for the Tempted, which featured the massive hits Mary and Drag My Bad Name Down their follow up album Man Alive made Q magazine’s prestigious Top 50 albums of 1992 and included the UK Top 30 song She Hits Me.

Later this year The 4 Of Us will release a new studio album Sugar Island and according to insiders it’s set to be “a great record with fantastic new sounds as well as the signature sound of the band”.

Over the years the band have notched up an enviable catalogue of timeless songs including 6 top 20 Irish charting albums.

Their music has also been featured extensively on American, UK, and Irish TV soundtracks.

Tickets for The 4 Of Us at The Lyric Theatre on April 26 are £20 and available from

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