Recently two of my friends got knocked back from a Belfast club for being too old.

Guys my age (26) being branded ‘past it’ has led me to hunt out a different type of night out… a plub.

A plub by definition is not quite a club but also not quite a pub. It looks and feels like a pub but stays open late and produces sounds like a club.

These plubs open during the day serving food and drink and in the evenings they mix the best of a ‘Few Pints’ night out with a proper ‘Big One’.

There’s no strict dress code, the drink is cheaper and it’s not a fortune to get through the door.

1. Cuckoo


Cheap cocktails and Ping Pong – not a bad duo.

2. 39 Gordon Street

39 Gordon Street

Belfast Cathedral Quarter’s newest purveyors of whiskey, cocktails & curiosities.

3. The National / Sixty6


Ultimate variety with 4 Floors and 6 Bars!

4. Filthy McNasty’s


The sounds of a club and the atmosphere of a pub with a garden fit for a party.

5. The Hudson


The self proclaimed “imbibing emporium” mixing whisky, ales and disco.

6. Lavery’s

Lavery's plub

With good food, a range of bars, pool tables and a massive dance floor- Lavery’s ticks all the boxes.

7. McCracken’s


I’ll go anywhere where you have to supply a secret password to get in.

8. The Garrick

The Garrick plub

Traditional surroundings, unbelievable selection of beer and a place to dance after four or five pints.

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