Some people go out in Belfast every week, others only venture into the city centre once a year at Christmas. Either way we’ve selected 12 Belfast pubs that you really need to a pay a visit to this Christmas.

The 12 Belfast Pubs Of Christmas

1. Filthy McNasty’s

They have an igloo. That’s all you need to know. They have a flipping igloo! Filthy’s has always been a bar that knows how to light up for Christmas and even without the Igloo this is a very special place to be at Christmas.

Filthy McNasty's Christmas

2. The National

The National has the largest beer garden in Belfast and to make sure punters can get the most out of it all year round they’ve got fleece blankets and heaters. To top things off this Christmas they’ve added a Winter Tent which will be serving up turkey burgers and mulled drinks. Yes, please!

National Beer Garden 2

3. The Perch

The rooftop terrace looked amazing in the summer, imagine how cool it will be if we get snow (both literally and figuratively).

Perch Christmas

4. The Harp Bar

The Harp Bar has become a legendary spot for a bit of revelry. Where better to let your hair down and sing your heart out this Christmas? Plus it’s had a few familiar faces over the door in the past year…

Harp Bar Jamie

Harp Bar Rory

5. The Dirty Onion

What could be more relaxing than basking in the warmth of an open fire and sipping on a whiskey? The answer is basking in the warmth of an open fire and sipping on a whiskey with a beer chaser. Check out the Dirty Onion’s new boilermaker menu for great value whiskey and beer pairings.

Dirty Onion Christmas

6. Muriels

Nothing quite says Christmas like a gin-based cocktail or four at Belfast’s cosiest cafe bar. When you’re in make sure and say ‘Hello’ to Northern Ireland’s number one bar man Nathaniel McCauley as well as their mischievous Christmas Elves.


7. The Merchant

The Roof Garden at The Merchant has been transformed into Narnia making it a perfect destination to host an alternative private party this winter.

Merchant Christmas

If that’s not your thing the downstairs bar is one of our favourite destinations for a fancy cocktail or two. Sure it’s Christmas, treat yourself!


Ten Square has come back with a bang thanks to a newly refurbished bar just in time for Christmas. The location couldn’t be more central and it’s a great starting point for a night out in Belfast.

Ten Square

9. Bootleggers

They’ve just launched a new cocktail menu and boast some of the greatest burgers you’ll ever wrap two hands around. Need any more reasons? Okay, here’s another… bacon moonshine!!!

Bootleggers Bacon Moonshine

10. Lavery’s

You can experience the ‘light’ version of Lav’s at the Christmas Market but a visit to the real deal in Bradbury Place is a Christmas must to eat, drink and be merry (and play pool).


11. Duke of York

A pub that has stood the test of time by refusing to move with the times, the Duke of York stands alone as a unique pub where you can entertain yourself by simply perusing the walls.

12. The Apartment

Sit back, relax and be entertained as you watch the masses scurry around the beautifully lit up City Hall at the Christmas Market, safe in the knowledge that you’re next drink is but a smile away. They’ve also got a brand new downstairs bar and roof terrace which means you can still brave the elements if you wish.


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