County Down rockers Ash released their first album in eight years yesterday to critical acclaim.

Kablammo! according to the band’s drummer Rick McMurray is the band at their “frenetic best”.

He added the record was “a wall of guitars and a shot of adrenaline with a sweet melodic chaser”.

Promoters for the album promises it will “capture the live essence of Ash” with the closest predecessor being 2004’s Meltdown “with the songwriting of the Free All Angels singles”.

“We’ve stripped away the electronic overtones of the A-Z series and made a streamlined blazing guitar record” said Rick.

“It’s a visceral expression of what has driven us since 1992. Passion, melody and Ash.”

The record contains tracks such as Free, Moondust and Shutdown.

Ash will showcase songs from Kablammo! at the Limelight gig on June 8.

They will also play a live set at HMV, Belfast on May 28 at 5:30PM

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