In the most daring venture of this year’s Belfast Photo Festival, a dozen shipping containers will make the trip to Writer’s Square to house local and international works of photographic art.

In collaboration with festival sponsor Iris Colour, the Iris Colour Photo Park will be centre stage for the 2015 Belfast Photo Festival. It opens officially on Saturday June 6 at 7pm.

The immense operation to set it up began today (Thursday) with 20ft shipping containers being manoeuvred into place to form the unconventional, yet visually impressive temporary art galleries immediately opposite St Anne’s Cathedral in Writer’s Square where Belfast’s rich literary heritage is celebrated with memorable quotations from our beloved local writers etched into the stone walkways.

In keeping with the rich culture and arts scene, works of art travelling from across the world will be exhibited in each of the novel shipping container galleries located in Writer’s Square throughout the month of June.

Notable shows to be exhibited in the Iris Colour Photo Park include the Offshore Swiss group exhibition and the Unseen Dummy Award hosted by Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam.

Asides from the extraordinary international works to be exhibited at the Photo Park, local artists including Yvette Monaghan will also be on display. In addition Belfast’s emerging future photographers will be celebrated.

All the events for Belfast Photo Festival are now available at

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