Irish history is often interpreted different ways by different people, but one common strand is that we’re very good at annoying the English.

One of the more surreal interpretations of Irish history comes from Broken Eye Productions, who will perform 800 Years Of Annoying The English on The Belfast Barge on Friday, April 24.

The show sets out to reveal the shocking truth about our past, from St Patrick to Westlife, in a roller coaster, surreal and musical hour long comedy show.

800 Years Of Annoying The English sees disgraced historian Professor Fitznipple present his controversial new book 800 Years Of Annoying the English to the world.

He will take you on a journey that sees St Patrick use his consultancy skills to convert Ireland, Queen Elizabeth rap on why she hates men, Oscar Wilde on Boys Gone Wilde, discover why Oliver Cromwell hated Ireland, why Queen Victoria didn’t give a toss and what part Jedward played in the Troubles.

Fresh from a successful three sold out NI shows in March 2015 Broken Eye Productions are ready to unleash this baby on the NI public again.

The cast includes Diona Doherty, Tom Flight, Jordan Dunbar, Gary Lynch.

Tickets for the performance on Friday, April 24 are available here

It’s a Bring Your Own Booze event, so don’t forget to bring along something that will annoy the English!



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