Are you going to be reading Harper Lee’s new release – Go Set A Watchman?

The legendary author wrote the classic To Kill A Mockingbird, studied across UK schools alongside the likes of Shakespeare and Wilfred Owen.

Sequel Go Set A Watchman was storming the top of the charts five months before it was even released and the time has come for readers to see if the story lives up to the hype.

To Kill A Mockingbird

Set 20 years after To Kill A Mockingbird, Go Set A Watchman includes many of the same beloved characters.

The storyline follows Scout on her return from New York to Alabama. As an adult she still views her father as a moral compass and tackles personal and political issues when returning to the town she was raised.

Go Set A Watchman

But the publication of Go Set A Watchman has caused some concern. For a long time (55 years in fact) Harper Lee dug in her heels and would not write another book. So why now?

Her very own sister, Alice, was certain that if Lee did sign a contract to publish further, it would be because she didn’t truly understand what she was signing.

In February this year the State of Alabama launched an investigation into whether Harper Lee was capable of knowingly consenting to the publication – fortunately for us readers, there were no signs of coercion.

Author Harper Lee

Author Harper Lee

According to Harper Lee’s agent, Andrew Nurnberg, To Kill A Mockingbird was intended to be the start of a trilogy.

He said: “They discussed publishing Mockingbird first, Watchman last, and a shorter connecting novel between the two.”

It looks like Harper Lee never got round to that second story but we’re excited to see the last!

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