One of the showpieces of this year’s Belfast Photo Festival will be a scale model of the DeLorean time machine from Back To The Future… with a twist.

No, Marty McFly isn’t going to be there to pilot it, nor will there be hoverboard demos, mad inventors or time travel of any description.

That’s not to say the spectacle won’t be futuristic. Combining sculpture and photography, the car will be completely made of photographs on aluminium.

The DeLorean Print Project will be displayed in all its glory on City Hall Lawn from June 6-30.

It will be built in collaboration with artist Cyril Hatt and over 150 former DeLorean Motor Company employees, whose head office was famously and then infamously based in Belfast.

Belfast Photo Festival Director Michael Weir (pictured above) explains in this short clip why he’s so excited about the project.

2015 marks the 35th anniversary of the DeLorean being unveiled to the world and also the year that Marty McFly traveled to in Back To The Future 2.

As part of this year’s Belfast Photo Festival which runs from June 4 to 30 there will also be daily screenings of films exploring photographic discovery on the Big Screen at City Hall as well as OFT. There will also be masterclasses from Alec Soth and Lorenzo Vitturi and workshops on pinhole photography and screen printing.

The 2015 Belfast Photo Festival will bring the busiest and most ambitious programme of exhibitions and events ever seen in Northern Ireland. To volunteer to join the festival team go to

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