One of the truly great epics of Irish mythology, The Táin, will return to the stage this October in Commedia of Errors’ newest adaptation of the legendary tale. But, there’s a unique Italian twist.

Blending Commediadell’arte – traditional Italian theatre incorporating masked characters or types – with a healthy injection of buffoonery, slapstick comedy, and a feast of sword play, this revitalised adaptation of a classic tale by Belfast’s Benjamin Gould is a fitting production for families and theatre enthusiasts alike.

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Fresh from its debut at the International Theatre Festival in Milan, Italy, the Queen of Connacht comes North to steal Ulster’s legendary Brown Bull. With the men of Ulster sick with the curse, only Cú Chulainn can stop her. It’s a shame he hasn’t got two brain cells to rub together. Luckily his intellectually challenged servant stands by his side to save the hero from his own stupidity. With the stupid leading the stupider, in a fight against the idiots, it’s hard to know who might prevail!

Catch the play in Belfast at the following locations…


October 6, 8pm

Book here

The Belfast Barge

October 8, 7:30pm & October 10, 7:30pm

Book here

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