Excitement…well, for me anyway. Big Brother is back.

I was one of the original converts to Big Brother – I was the sofa psychologist analysing their every move and pre-empting the next big explosion.

Eventually it became a source of intellectual conversation between my mum and I, the people watching, the social anthropolgy…and of course the gossip. We were hooked.

Then Channel 4 began messing with it. Changing the game, contriving the contestants and adding obvious actors to the mix. Like many others I turned off.

But I’m back – last year’s series was fantastic and so my expectations are high this year – please don’t disappoint Channel 5.

The house has been redesigned ahead of the start of the new series next Tuesday and here’s the sneak peak.

The building comes complete with a fish tank and a round sofa said to be inspired by the 1960s style of hit TV show Mad Men.

Emma Willis and Rylan Clark will return to the show called Big Brother: Timebomb this year. Last month Channel 5 signed up for another three years of the show.

The show, originally broadcast in the UK on Channel 4, has been a huge success for Channel 5 and guarantees them big audiences as well as a steady stream of controversy.

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